26 October 2019

The Top Ten Guitarists of the Decade

This past week, Guitar World magazine polled its readers as to the “Guitarist of the Decade,” erroneously supposing that the current decade will end as of 31 December 2019. Although there will actually be another year before the end of this decade, the poll did get me to thinking about the most significant guitarists over the past nine years (and counting). And while I have no doubt that others would arrive at different conclusions, I’ve compiled my own list of the top ten guitarists of the decade. Aside from appreciating and enjoying what they’ve already contributed, I look forward to seeing what they’ll do yet in the tent year of the decade. 1. Joe Bonamassa 2. Mark Tremonti 3. Slash 4. George Lynch 5. Gus G 6. Michael Schenker 7. Joe Satriani 8. Tommy Emmanuel 9. Paul Gilbert 10. Jack White Note: This is not a “lifetime achievement” list, which I would approach rather differently. It is rather a list of the guitarists who, in my opinion, have contributed the most and had the most significant impact in the course of the current decade (so far).

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