16 March 2008

Hymns for March Festivals

St. Joseph, Guardian of Our Lord (19 March)
2 Samuel 7:4–16
Romans 4:13–18
Matthew 2:13–15, 19–23

Processional Hymn
By all Your saints in warfare (LSB 517)

Hymn of the Day
Our Father, by whose name (LSB 863)

Hymns for the Distribution of the Holy Communion
If thou but trust in God to guide thee (LSB 750)
I lie, O Lord, within Your care (LSB 885)
Oh, blest the house whate’er befall (LSB 862)

Processional Out
I walk in danger all the way (LSB 716)

Alternative Hymns
By grace I’m saved, grace free and boundless (LSB 566)
Children of the heav’nly Father (LSB 725)
Eternal Father, strong to save (LSB 717)
Hail to the Lord’s anointed (LSB 398)
No temple now, no gift of price (LSB 530)
O Jesus Christ, Thy manger is (LSB 372)
Once in royal David’s city (LSB 376)
Open now thy gates of beauty (LSB 901)
Salvation unto us has come (LSB 555)
Savior of the nations, come (LSB 332)

The Annunciation of Our Lord (25 March)
Isaiah 7:10–14
Hebrews 10:4–10
Luke 1:26–38

Processional Hymn
Savior of the nations, come (LSB 332)

Hymn of the Day
The angel Gabriel from heaven came (LSB 356)

Hymns for the Distribution of the Holy Communion
Lo, how a rose e’er blooming (LSB 359)
The infant priest was holy born (LSB 624)
Of the Father’s love begotten (LSB 384)

Processional Out
O Jesus Christ, Thy manger is (LSB 372)

Alternative Hymns
All my heart again rejoices (LSB 360)
By all Your saints in warfare (LSB 518)
Creator of the stars of night (LSB 351)
From east to west (LSB 385)
From God the Father, virgin-born (LSB 401)
Jesus! Name of wondrous love (LSB 900)
Let all together praise our God (LSB 389)
O come, O come, Emmanuel (LSB 357)
O Lord, we praise Thee (LSB 617)
The only Son from heaven (LSB 402)


Rev. Michael Monterastelli said...

any idea where can i find the proper readings and prayers for Joseph, Patriarch (March 31)?

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Dear Broken Beaker,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I'm afraid there aren't any propers, per se, for the commemoration of the Patriarch Joseph. What I might suggest for the observance of this day, if you were so inclined, is to read from the Joseph narrative in Genesis: perhaps when he is sold by his brothers into slavery, and then, having served Potiphar faithfully, is thrown into prison on the trumped of charges of Potiphar's lusty wife; and then, the beautiful scene in which Joseph forgives his brothers (again) following the death of their father Jacob.

In addition, the New Testament Gospel narrative of the "other Joseph" would fit this day, in particular when he takes the Child with His Mother and flees into Egypt, and then return from Egypt to Nazareth, all at the Word of the Lord.

One hymn possibillity that first comes to mind, which might serve well for this day, is "The God of Abraham Praise." Or perhaps, "I Walk in Danger All the Way." That would be a good one. Or many of the hymns in the Trust and Hope sections of the LSB: "From God Can Nothing Move Me." "Who Trusts in God a Strong Abode." "If God Himself Be for Me." "Rejoice, My Heart, Be Glad and Sing." "In God, My Faithful God." "If Thou But Trust in God to Guide Thee." "Entrust Your Days and Burdens." "Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me." "The Will of God Is Always Best." "What God Ordains Is Always Good." Any of those would work well for Joseph.