10 July 2007

Short, Sweet, and Sarcastic

In reading through Dr. Luther's "Order of Marriage" (1529), concerning which I may think out loud at some point, I couldn't help but laugh out loud already at the following paragraph. It is so typical of the blessed good doctor, and the kind of thing that makes me not only appreciate but enjoy reading him. As usual, his sarcasm is humorous because it cuts so close to the truth. For what it's worth, therefore, from Luther's Works 53 (Fortress, 1965):

"When we are requested to bless [the bride and groom] before the church or in the church, to pray over them, or also to marry them, we are in duty bound to do this. For this reason I have desired to offer this advice and form [of marriage] to those who do not know anything better, in case they should desire to follow our custom in this matter. The others who know all about it, that is, who do not know anything, but think that they know all about it - well, they do not need this service of mine, except to correct and improve it. But let them take good care lest they do anything the same as others, or they may be thought to have to learn from others. And wouldn't that be a pity?"

Well said, Dr. Luther. Well said. God grant us, one and all, repentance from the idolatry of our pride unto the humility of faith in Christ. And let us give thanks for His grace and mercy toward us, that He continues to serve and bless us, in spite of ourselves.


the celebrated author said...

So, how's the book coming? The one you're *supposed* to be writing? *coughcough*

Anan said...

I'm sure that Luther's writings on weddings...(why would you want to read about weddings???) are quite fascinating...

Ahem... how's *YOUR* book coming??? No new CD 'till you finish a chapter. ::waggles finger::

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Thanks for your encouragement, girls ;-)

Actually, I was reaading Dr. Luther's writings on hymnody and liturgy as part of my book work; so I was making progress on that project. I just took a special interest in what he said about the order of marriage (that particular piece is only a few pages long in Volume 53 of Luther's Works).

Y'all ought to be careful, though, or you're gonna end up sounding like Dolores Umbridge. Shudder.

Wolf Pack said...

This one I will be following with interest!!! While my faith hasn't changed much since I was married, my understanding of doctrine (why I believe what I believe) has grown substantially!!! Thanks mostly to excellent theologians with witty and sarcastic blogs! ;) In good company when reading Luther, I think! ;)

Blessings in Christ

the celebrated author said...

Nah, she's way too short.