10 December 2008

More to Remember

We remember the saints who have gone before us — with thanksgiving to God, all glory be to Christ our Lord — for several reasons: First, we praise Christ for giving these men and women to His Church on earth as faithful servants of His Gospel. Second, we are encouraged by their good example of the Christian faith and life within their respective vocations. Third, we are strengthened in our own faith by the demonstration of God's gracious mercy and forgiveness toward them.

The commemoration of the saints also helps us to grasp the historical character of the Church, which lives as the body of Christ on earth in every time and place to which His Gospel has gone forth. What is more, we rejoice to know these faithful departed brothers and sisters in Christ, not as those who lived "once upon a time," as though they were now "dead and gone," but as living fellow members of the one body of Christ. They belong to us, and we to them, most surely; even as we all partake of the one body and drink the blood of our one Lord, Jesus Christ.

To those pious and salutary ends, in addition to the commemorations included in the sanctoral cycle of the Lutheran Service Book, the following saints (and historical events) have likewise found a place in the Church's collective remembrance. The example of their holy lives and the witness of their faithful confession are therefore commended to any and all who may be so inclined to remember them with thanksgiving, to the glory of God in Christ.

1 Dec - Nahum, Prophet
Englebert; Eastern

2 Dec - Habakkuk, Prophet

3 Dec - Francis Xavier, Missionary
Roman; Anglican; LBW

8 Dec - Martin Rinckart, Hymnist
LCMS pre- and post-1940s

14 Dec - Micah, Prophet
LCMS pre-1940s
Eastern (5 Jan / 14 Aug)

16 Dec - Haggai, Prophet
LCMS pre-1940s (5 July)

30 Dec - Jonathan, Friend of David
LCMS pre-1940s (29 Dec)

3 Jan - Malachi, Prophet
LCMS pre-1940s (6 Sept)

7 Jan - Jakob Andreae, Confessor
LCMS pre- and post-1940s

9 Jan - Zechariah, Prophet
LCMS pre-1940s
Eastern (8 Feb)
Englebert (6 Sept)

11 Jan - Duke Ernst the Confessor
LCMS pre- and post-1940s (11 Jan / 31 Mar / 26 June)

13 Jan - Hilary of Poitiers
Roman; Anglican; LCMS pre- and post-1940s

16 Jan - George Spalatin
LCMS pre- and post-1940s

17 Jan - Anthony of Egypt
Roman; Anglican; Eastern; LCMS pre-1940s

21 Jan - Agnes, Child Martyr
Roman; Anglican; LCMS pre-1940s

28 Jan - Thomas Aquinas
Roman; Anglican

1 Feb - Claus Harms
LCMS post-1940s (1 Feb / 25 May)

3 Feb - Ansgar of Hamburg
Anglican; LBW; LCMS pre- and post-1940s

6 Feb - Amandus, Apostle of Flanders
LCMS post-1940s; Roman (?)

11 Feb - Elector August of Saxony
LCMS post-1940s (11 Feb / 31 July)

20 Feb - Susanna
LCMS pre-1940s

22 Feb - Johann Crüger, Kantor
(died on 23 Feb)

14 Mar - John Huss
LCMS post-1940s (14 Mar / 6 July)

18 Mar - Cyril of Jerusalem
Roman; Anglican; Eastern

21 Mar - Thomas Cranmer
Anglican; LCMS post-1940s

27 Mar - Gregory Palamas
Eastern (27 Mar / 14 Nov)

28 Mar - Gideon
LCMS pre-1940s

4 Apr - Isidore of Seville
Roman; Eastern

16 Apr - Aaron
LCMS pre-1940s

23 Apr - George, Martyr
Roman; Anglican; Eastern; LCMS pre- and post-1940s

3 May - Friedrich August Crämer
LCMS post-1940s

19 May - Alcuin of York
LCMS post-1940s
Anglican (20 May)

26 May - Augustine of Canterbury
Anglican; Eastern; LCMS post-1940s

2 June - Blandina and the Martyrs of Lyon
Roman; Eastern
LCMS pre-1940s (5 Nov)

3 June - Franz A. O. Pieper
LCMS post-1940s

9 June - Columba of Iona
Anglican; Eastern; LBW
LCMS pre- and post-1940s (21 Nov)

15 June - Amos, Prophet
LCMS pre-1940s (27 June)

20 June - Rachel and Leah, Matriarchs
LCMS pre-1940s (20 June / 19 Oct)

22 June - David Chytraeus, Confessor
LCMS pre-1940s

1 July - H. Voes and J. Van Esschen, Martyrs
LCMS post-1940s

11 July - Benedict of Nursia
Roman; Anglican; LBW
Eastern (14 Mar)

14 July - Bonaventure
LCMS pre-1940s
Roman; Anglican (15 July)

15 July - Olga and Vladimir
Eastern (15 July / 11 July)

19 July - Macrina the Younger
Anglican; Eastern

26 July - Anna and Joachim, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Roman; Anglican
LCMS pre-1940s (26 July / 20 Mar)
Eastern (25 July / 9 Sept)

27 July - Olaf, King of Norway
LCMS pre- and post-1940s (29 July)

1 Aug - The Holy Maccabees, Martyrs
Eastern; Roman (pre-Vatican II)

6 Aug - The Feast of the Transfiguration
Roman; Anglican; Eastern; LCMS pre-1940s

8 Aug - Dominic
Roman; Anglican

11 Aug - Clare of Assisi
Roman; Anglican
LCMS pre-1940s (12 Aug)

12 Aug - Paul Speratus
LCMS post-1940s

13 Aug - Maximus the Confessor

14 Aug - Eusebius of Caesarea
LCMS pre- and post-1940s

21 Aug - The Formula of Concord
LCMS post-1940s (21 Aug / 29 May)

30 Aug - Rebekah, Matriarch
LCMS pre-1940s

6 Sept - Simeon and Anna
Eastern (3 Feb / 28 Aug)

8 Sept - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Roman; Anglican; Eastern; LCMS pre-1940s

20 Sept - Magdalene Luther
LCMS pre- and post-1940s

4 Oct - Francis of Assisi
Roman; Anglican; LBW
LCMS post-1940s (3 Oct)

6 Oct - Miles Coverdale and William Tyndale, Translators
LCMS post-1940s (4 Oct / 6 Oct)
Anglican; LBW

10 Oct - Justas Jonas, Confessor
LCMS pre- and post-1940s (10 Oct / 9 Oct)

19 Oct - Joel, Prophet

24 Oct - Peace of Westphalia (Thirty Years’ War ended)
LCMS post-1940s

27 Oct - Olavus and Laurentius Petri, Reformers
LCMS post-1940s (26 Oct / 19 Apr)

5 Nov - Hans Egede, Missionary to Greenland
LCMS post-1940s (5 Nov / 3 July)

10 Nov - Leo the Great
Roman; Anglican
Eastern (18 Feb)
LCMS pre-1940s (28 June)

12 Nov - Caspar Aquila, Reformer
LCMS post-1940s

17 Nov - Gregory Thaumaturgus

22 Nov - Cecilia, Martyr
LCMS pre-1940s

24 Nov - Justus Falckner
LCMS post-1940s (22 Nov)

27 Nov - Lot the Righteous
LCMS pre-1940s

28 Nov - Paul and David Henkel
LCMS post-1940s (27 Nov / 15 June)


Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes said...

So are you going to write up a TDP supplement?

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I have no prerogatives, at all, with respect to the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

However, as a pastor, in service to my own congregation, and as an aspect of my own personal piety, it is my intention to gather and develop devotional materials in support of an expanded sanctoral cycle. Who knows how long that will take, or what it might end up looking like in the end, but slow and steady progress is fine. And, in the end, I'm always happy to share whatever may help to confess the Word of God.