02 October 2008

99% "Katharina" She Is

We are rejoicing today, my wife and I with our children, that our youngest—living in the womb—appears to be healthy and whole, growing and developing in all the ways to be expected. The ultrasound technician was also "99% sure" that the little one is a girl. This delighted my daughters, Monica and Oly'anna, who went with their Mom to share the ultrasound experience. Evidently, their very little sister was waving to them from the womb, and, yeah, that was pretty thrilling to them. I was doing my paternal duty in taking Justinian and Frederick to the dentist, so I didn't have the joy of seeing my baby, yet, though I am delighted by the pictures LaRena brought home. The excitement of my daughters when they burst through the door to announce the news was worth it.

Anyway, we've had the name "Katharina" in mind for a baby girl during the previous three pregnancies. Now it looks like we'll finally have our Katie. I've told a few people the middle names we have in mind, but I don't think I'll post those quite so publicly as my blog just yet.

I'm glad to be able to refer to my youngest child with feminine pronouns, and even to call her by the name we intend for her. I simply cannot bring myself to identify a child in the womb as "it." Saying "he or she" all the time becomes awkward, however, so knowing that she's a girl is great. There was definitely some wishful thinking going on, which has now been happily satisfied.

Oly'anna assures me that she'll be okay having a younger sister take her place as my "baby girl." Oly'll still be my girl, but she's hardly a baby anymore, anyway. Indeed, she seems very grown-up already at eight years old, and she's consistently one of the best helpers around the house. I hope I'll be as close to Katharina as I've always been to Oly. Each child is different, with a unique personality and individual gifts, aptitudes, interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses. That remains one of my favorite aspects of fatherhood, not only observing such differences but getting to know my children as individuals and growing in my relationship with each and all of them. I can't wait to meet Katharina, to hold her and look at her and love her. But of course, I do have to wait for several months, watching to prayer and daily commending her to the grace of God in Christ. That is what faith and love do in such a case.

After having three boys in a row born to us, I'll be content with a little less testosterone per capita around the house. I love my boys, and even their rambunctiousness is the promise of zeal for the truth and steadfast, faithful service in whatever stations their Lord shall someday assign them. Girls are a handful in their own right, too, and sometimes their emotions befuddle me, but I enjoy their feminine perspectives and more graceful approach to life. There is a picture of the Church and of the posture of faith in every little lady. What a privilege it is to be a father of daughters. God grant me to be worthy of my post, and to care for my Katharina after the example of her dear Father in heaven.


OFHP said...

Congrats to the Stuckwisch family

You aren't the only ones that can't wait to be able to see Katharina and hold her and watch her grow. God is placing her in a very loving and special family.

Prayers continue for all

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Congratulations, and you have our prayers for a continued safe pregnancy and safe delivery, bringing Katie safely to the saving waters of baptism.

I wanted a Katie this time around, but negotiations settled on Grace Katherine. I suppose I can call her Katie if I want to. ;-)

Jane said...

I am delighted for you!

If any of our boys had been a girl he would have been Katie. :)nz

organistsandra said...

Delightful! How fun for your family. I look forward to meeting little Katharina!

Rev. James Leistico said...

my wife and I struggled during our first pregnancy with what to call our child since we hated using the pronoun "it" as well... and we didn't want to find out. After throwing out a bunch of names, we finally came to "Little One." We liked that so much that we then had "Little Two" and "Little Three" (and when we don't want the kids knowing we are talking about them, we go back to their pregnancy names.)
Having twins this pregnancy is much simpler. Not he/she/it - just simply "they" or "the twins"... (though before we knew, the name was "Little Four" or sometimes we used our friends' name for their fourth - "IVan or IVy").
btw, we are planning to find out whether boy(s) and or girl(s) this time - in two more weeks I think.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I love your approach to "naming" your unborn children, Brother Leistico. IVan and IVy would have been great (though it might have backfired on you).

When we were expecting DoRena (twenty-two years ago!), we called her "Dinky." That Christmas, just before she was born, her grandpa even made a stocking for her with "Dinky" on it. I'm sure we still have that, or DoRena does.

Blessings to you and your wife and all of your children, whether in the womb or already born.

Rev. James Leistico said...

no, it was always said, "IVan or IVy", never "AND".

currently I'm thinking about Isaac since I was doing a lot of nervous laughter the afternoon the doctor told me "There's two"