04 March 2011

Sons, Fathers, Husbands: So It Goes

A young man who honors, respects and cares for his Mother,
will be a husband who respects, loves and cherishes his Wife.

So, too, a young man who dishonors his mother,
dishonors his bride, as well.

And so it goes.

As a husband regards and relates to his Wife,
so do his sons regard and relate to their Mother.

Fathers, as you would have your daughters loved and cared for by their husbands, so teach your sons to love and care for their wives, by loving and caring for your own.

As there is one godly Man, one perfect Son,
who was born of the Woman under the Law,
who honored her and continued in subjection to her,
in order to redeem us all.

As He is the one heavenly Bridegroom
who loves His Bride and has given Himself for her,
that we might become the children of one holy Mother,
the sons and daughters of one true God and dear Father.

So it goes.

As we are loved, regarded and cherished by such a Husband,
treasured and cared for by such a Father in Christ, our Head,
so do we live in a love that we otherwise would not know.

Husbands, Fathers, Sons, rejoice and be glad,
for your sins are forgiven; where there was only death,
Christ has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.

The cycle of sin and death, from father to son, has been broken.

No legacy of abuse or drunkenness,
no patterns of neglect or broken promises,
no history of short tempers and harsh words,
but Christ, the Son of God, He is your life and your salvation.

He is your legacy, your pattern and example,
your history and your future.

Not the fate and destiny of sinful Adam and his wife and children,
but the faith and glory of the Second Adam and His Bride,
with all the children God has given Him,
that is your glory and your hope.

For He has become your Bridegroom, your Savior and your Head:
that is for you, for your parents and your bride,
for your children and your grandchildren,
and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

In Him you have such a Father as He calls you to be in Him.

In Him your Mother is honored, your Wife is cherished,
your sons and daughters are loved and cared for.

In Him you also, by His grace, are the most handsome of men;
not only in your countenance, but in your character,
in your work and in your speaking,
in your laughing and playing.

So it goes.

For He is the Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God,
the Everlasting Father,
and the Prince of Peace.

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