07 December 2014

Bible Study on "Forgiveness"

For the past eight years, the LCMS Praesidium has been publishing a series of Bible studies, intended for the use of pastors as they meet together each month in their circuits (September through May).  The general editor of the series is the Reverend Mark Love of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Rockford, Michigan.  I have to confess that, until this past summer, I was not aware of the series, which causes me to wonder how many other pastors and circuits have likewise been unaware of it.

Anyway, I learned of the series when I was asked to contribute a study on "forgiveness," as part of this year's consideration of key words in Christian theology.  The goal was to focus on the way in which the term is used in the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, and to consider the implications of the term for preaching, catechesis, and pastoral care.  I enjoyed the process of preparing the study, which is a different sort of writing than I am normally accustomed to.  The fruits of my labors are now available as the study intended for the month of December: both a leader's guide and a participant's guide are provided.  Previous months have focused on "love," "Gospel," and "propitation."

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