21 June 2014

Christ Be Praised for His Holy Angels

Witnessed an accident, or at least the very immediate consequences of an accident on the toll road coming home from CCA, which, only by the grace and providence of Christ, was not the tragic catastrophe it should otherwise have been.

A little car with a family of four, including two little girls, traveling west toward Chicago, was sideswiped by a van and sent careening at high speed across the entire median into the oncoming east bound traffic, which at that point included our fifteen passenger van, along with several cars and a semi truck.

I didn't see the holy angel on duty, but I did watch, as events unfolded in front of me, the little car threaded like a camel through the eye of a needle to the right hand shoulder without any further mishap.

Surreal.  As though a giant unseen toddler was simply weaving a little play car through an elaborate highway setup on the living room floor, and as though everything else was simply stopped in its tracks and held for that very long moment.  As it was, it still took hard and fast braking and evasive maneuvers for me to avoid the jeep between us and the oncoming westbound car.

We stopped, of course, as did one other vehicle, to ascertain that the family was unharmed, and to make sure that emergency help was contacted and on its way.  The other vehicle remained on the scene, so there was no need for us to stay, but we did see the police coming quickly within minutes of proceeding on our way.  The van that caused the accident was pulled over and waiting on the opposite shoulder, across the four lanes of busy, four-lane toll road traffic.  Kyrie, eleison!

Not every day that one sees such a miracle, but Christ be praised for His holy angels!

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