13 November 2013

No Surprise, or Surprisingly So

When I view and treat others as though they had nothing to offer, it is no surprise when they offer nothing to me for my efforts or in my need.  Why bother?  If I have no use for them, why would they have any use for me?  Why would they not hide themselves away from me and my contempt?

But, if I value others and regard them as worthwhile, I may be pleasantly surprised to find that they use what they've got, be it little or a lot, to love and serve and care for me.  To be so regarded instills both confidence and a desire to share oneself with others.

What is truly surprising, in this sinful and selfish world, is the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.  For He has valued us, and we are precious in His sight, in spite of our bad attitudes and behaviors.  He does us good, for the sake of His own love, in the faith of His God and Father; and the cost of His own life is the great price He has paid for us and our salvation.  He was counted as nothing, and made Himself nothing, in order that we might be raised up from death to life and receive everything from Him in the Kingdom of God.

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