02 March 2012

Child of God, Cling to This

Child of God, cling to this:

The Lord Jesus has come down from heaven to save you and give you life. He has willingly gone to His death upon the Cross for you, and He has risen from the dead for you.

In His Resurrection is His answer, His “Yes” and “Amen,” to your prayer.

Cling to that answer, and pray.

The Lord Jesus has come down to you in love, and He would have you look to Him for all good things, for all that you need. That is true.

But He does not parade Himself about or put Himself on open display to the world. He hides Himself in His Church, in water, bread and wine, in order to be sought and found and known by faith alone in His Word.

Therefore, come to Him here, on the basis of the Word that you have heard concerning Him — the Word of His Gospel declaring His works of mercy and His great salvation.

The Law of sin and death would deny it,
and deny your prayer on account of your faults and failures.

Sometimes, it is God Himself who seems aloof to your need, reluctant or unwilling to help.

The Lord resists your plea, as it were, and wrestles with you over it, as He hides Himself within His house; not to spurn your need, but to strengthen your faith and clarify your confession.

Remember that He has come to you, before you have ever heard of Him. He has died for you, and risen for you, and so has said “Amen,” before you have yet prayed.

But He speaks, that you would live by faith in His Word,
and He would have you pray as He has spoken.

There is hardly any love more solicitous or persistent than that of a parent for his or her child. Which is why your heart is so moved for this poor woman and her little daughter — and some of you have known such anxiety for a child of your own.

Take it to heart, then, that you are God’s own child. He has said so, from heaven, in your Holy Baptism. He has already removed the unclean spirit from you in love.

The Law calls you a dog — and for your sin, you own that it is right.

But God calls you His Son, in Christ, and so the Father feeds you with the children’s true Bread — with spiritual food for both your body and soul — with Christ Jesus Himself. Amen.

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