13 August 2011

Consciences Are Burdened

When someone speaks, as though with divine authority, whether to command or forbid, to accuse or condemn, without any clear Word of God that does so; and,

When someone speaks the Law of God with its full force, rightly accusing and condemning sin for what it is, but withholds the preaching of the Gospel and refuses to forgive the repentant sinner; and,

When someone speaks a confusion of the Law and the Gospel, as though righteousness, life and salvation with God should be sought and obtained by adherence to some code of conduct.

Consciences are not burdened by differences in adiaphora, except where a word of requirement or prohibition is attached to such practices as a condition for justification before God.

Consciences are set free from any and all burdens by the Cross and Resurrection of Christ Jesus, who was crucified for our transgressions and raised for our justification, and in whom there is no condemnation. That is the sweet balm of the Gospel, which raises poor, miserable sinners from death to life, and sets us before our God and Father in peace.


Norman Teigen said...

There is great wisdom here. I am forwarding this post to several people who will also value it.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Thank you, Norman.

Sage said...

The law kills, make no mistake. The heart breaks as the will realizes it cannot succeed.
The spirit dies a thousand deaths, until the body follows.
I thank God daily for this sweet freedom from that death.

Thank you for this post.