27 June 2011

The Ears of a Disciple

It is not faith but self-righteousness that would ever say, "I've got things sorted out with God for myself, so I have no need to consider my neighbor or anything I might do for him."

Nor does faith ever ask, "Should I love my neighbor?" or "Do I have to love my neighbor?"

Faith, rather, confident before God and secure in His love, is free and unafraid to love the neighbor, and so gladly listens for that sure and steady Word of God which says, "This is what life and love shall look like for you." Precisely because He is our Savior, and we are His beloved.

In the ears of a disciple, to the heart of faith, the Law of Love looks just like Jesus loving all of us, who listened with the ears of a disciple, Himself, to the good and acceptable will of His Father for our salvation, and so humbled Himself in obedience, even unto death upon the Cross.

Which is why faith and love end up looking the same in Christ Jesus.


William Weedon said...

You are on fire today, Fr. Stuckwisch. Amen and Amen! In Jesus faith and love are one - for He is the content of both.

Susan said...

Pr Weedon beat me to what I was going to say again. :-)

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Thank you both. God bless you for your kind and supportive words.