28 February 2011

The 2010 Grumpies: An Appendicitis

Some ‘dis-stink-shuns from the tail end of the 2010 Grampies

(For those who might otherwise have missed 'em)


-10. Lady Gaga

put some proper clothes on, and dress like a real lady, Lady

-9. Kate Perry

you, too, girlie; when I refer to “the bottom ten,” that’s not what I mean!

-8. Ke$ha

this spawn of Gaga is even more ghastly and ridiculous; give us a break

-7. The Black-Eyed Peas

wear whatever you want, people, but just go away, wherever

-6. Kanye West

even if he is the biggest, baddest, bestest twit in the entire music world

-5. Cee Lo Green

forget you, Cee Lo, and your vulgar display of profanity, too

-4. Miley Cyrus

does she sing anymore, or just pose and smile for the paparizzi?

-3. Britney Spears

hasn’t done anything worthwhile since that Pepsi commercial in the 90s

-2. Justin Bieber

nothing against him; just tired of seeing his picture and hearing about him

-1. Glee

same complaint as Justin Bieber, above, but multiplied exponentially

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