15 April 2009

In the Resurrection

Everything leading to death has been overturned and undone, and everything belonging to life has been opened to us and poured out upon us generously, in the Resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Therefore, all those things that we fear have been emptied of any power over us; they cannot defeat or destroy us. For that which we truly need and desire, namely, life with God and peace and rest, is given to us, now and for ever, in the crucified and risen Body of Christ.

Every foe is trampled under His feet, and every heartfelt prayer of faith is answered, "Yes, and Amen!" in His Resurrection. When God the Father raises His Son from death, who bore our sins upon the Cross and suffered His death in our place, He restores His fallen creation, absolves the world of sin, reconciles the whole world to Himself, and announces His good-pleasure with us.

In the face of the Resurrection — in the face of the risen Christ, which is the face of God — there is simply nothing to fear; nothing at all to be afraid of. For He has brought life and immortality to light through this Gospel, the preaching of peace and forgiveness of sins in His Name. Alleluia!

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