27 January 2008

A Cautionary Tale in Rhyme

Inspired by a scene observed across the bar at Bennigans on Friday night.

Joe went down south and met two gals;
Let's call them Marge and Rita.
The first one kissed him on the mouth;
The second did repeat her.
When they were gone, you'd not believe
The state they left poor Joey.
The next time he should go down south,
He'd better stick with coffee.

The names have been concocted, but one should yet consider that many a young Joe has been done in by Marge and Rita! I do shudder to think what became of the three that I saw this past Friday evening in plain ol' Texas. Young ladies should not go out and get themselves drunk in the company of strangers; nor should young men lead them on. Shame on you, "Joey," whoever you were.

There was another young lady in the same bar, enjoying her liberty in the Gospel, who was well-guarded and protected in the company of her fiancé and three Lutheran pastors. I must confess, they did not stick with coffee, either, but were decorous in their consumption of beer and chips and salsa. Which goes to show that one doesn't have to resort to debauchery to have a good time. God's good gifts should simply be received in faith and with thanksgiving, and used in love for the neighbor. Cheers to that!

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