20 July 2007

Too Good to Be Forgotten

In the midst of the excitement and exhaustion of yesterday, I neglected to comment on another significant event in the circles of my life and loved ones. Therefore, a belated but no less sincere "Happy Anniversary" to my dear friends, Rob & Sandra, who were married on the 19th of July, I believe it was in the Year of Our Lord 1980.

I've been thinking out loud about weddings and the estate of holy matrimony quite a lot lately, and this couple is surely an example of a Christian husband and wife who live together in faith and love, in daily repentance and forgiveness, in Christ Jesus. Their love for one another is regularly manifested, not only in their commitment to each other, but in their gracious hospitality toward others, not least of all to my wife and I and our family. Their four beautiful children are likewise a tribute to their love, and evidence of the good thing that God began in them 27 years ago. May He grant them, for Jesus' sake, many more happy and healthy years of life together here in time, and hereafter, to them and all of their children, a joyful participation in the great Wedding Banquet of Christ and His Bride in heaven, which is even now set before us in the Holy Communion, and ever shall be in the world without end. Amen.

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Sandra said...

Thank you kindly for your sweet remarks. We got to have Nick, Naomi, and Saranita here for the first half of the day, which was a treat. Sita performed her favorite tricks for me as her present. You know the kind: Sooo big!; Where's your tongue?; Pat-a-cake, and the like. And her favorite song seems to be the one Oma made up.