21 July 2007

A Book in the Hand Is Worth Four on Pre-Order from Amazon

I'm sure I won't have the stamina to read the whole thing before I give up and go to bed for the night, but I have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in hand, and have just finished chapter four. I'm impressed with how quickly it has launched into action, fast and furious from the get-go. Already I perceive that my young friend Nathaniel was correct in assuming that the broken mirror from Sirius will come into play importantly. Well spotted, Nat.

Assuming all goes well, I should be able to finish the book by the end of this day, the 21st of July (or tomorrow). Then I can also begin reading it aloud to my dear younger children, who are breathless with anticipation. Of course, by then I will know whether and where my predictions were right, and where they were all wrong. Either way, this is great fun! I'm looking forward to chatting about Deathly Hallows on Issues, Etc. next Sunday (the 29th); at least, I believe that is the plan.

Back to it, then. I believe that something rather tragic has just happened at the end of chapter four, and of course it would be futile for me to attempt falling asleep at this point.

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Jane said...

I'm done and can't wait to see your response to the book.