03 October 2010

Led Zeppelin: My Top 25 Favorite Songs

In his comments on a recent post, my son Zachary suggested that I should post my top 10 favorite songs by the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, respectively. I've gone a little beyond that in identifying my top 25 songs in each case, but even that was a challenge. Rolling Stone recently published a special edition featuring its list of the 100 greatest songs by the Beatles. At least I narrowed things down more than that! So here's my top 25 favorite Led Zeppelin songs. A previous post featured my top 25 favorite songs by the Beatles. As always, comments and friendly debates are welcome.

1. Over the Hills and Far Away

2. Stairway to Heaven

3. Immigrant Song

4. Dazed and Confused

5. Tangerine

6. D'yer Ma'ker

7. The Battle of Evermore

8. Ramble On

9. Whole Lotta Love

10. Houses of the Holy

11. Fool in the Rain

12. Rock and Roll

13. Good Times, Bad Times

14. Communication Breakdown

15. Black Dog

16. Heartbreaker

17. All My Love

18. Gallows Pole

19. In the Evening

20. The Rain Song

21. Thank You

22. Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman)

23. Dancing Days

24. Kashmir

25. Hot Dog


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Kashmir at 24? Oh, that one would be top 25 for me. In fact, I'd probably just flip Kashmir and Stairway, but I'm a Zeppelin heretic like that.

ofhp said...

I think # one and # two should be flipped :-)

Monkey Laughs said...

Dad I really like your list, and I think if I ever get around to making a Led Zeppelin list it will be pretty similar. One thing that really surprised me, however, is that "Misty Mountain Hop" is not on your list! I know giving yourself a number to stick to limits you, but I would have thought the Hop would have been squeezed in there somewhere. Any particular reason why not?

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I don't know, Zach. I like "Misty Mountain Hop," but I guess it just didn't make the cut. Maybe if I were to go back and re-listen to it again, I might change my mind. But there's a lot of great Led Zeppelin songs, and only twenty-five of them would fit on my list of the top 25 :-)

Monkey Laughs said...

I have no idea how you kept your list down to 25, Dad! Led Zeppelin has too many great songs!