18 August 2010

A Dozen Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Benchmarks

In some ways, it's a gimme, but fwiw, here are my hard rock / heavy metal benchmarks (in order of significance, so far as I am concerned):

Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin

Judas Priest

Bon Jovi



Ozzy Osbourne

Def Leppard

Guns N’ Roses

Van Halen


Iron Maiden

Yes, I basically live in the past. I like it that way.


Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

Which Van Halen? ;)

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

The one with Eddie on guitar :-)

Allen said...

personally, I'd switch Sabbath and Zepplin around and Judas Priest and AC/DC. But only because I believe that those blues based rock bands held a deeper sway in the development of metal.

Christopher Esget said...

Sir, it's time to leave all these amateurs behind and become a fan of the one true hard rock band that defines yet transcends the genre, the power trio that is Rush. I'm currently enjoying the new documentary about them, "Beyond the Lighted Stage."

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I got to see Judas Priest in concert last summer. They put on a good show. I also think Hysteria by Def Leppard is the best album of the 80s. By in large, I approve.

rev will said...

Hey Rick: Did you see this?

pseudepigrapha said...

Pastor Esget, really?? Here we must part ways: I can't put Rush in my top ten. I've always thought that Geddy Lee sounds like a woman.

Props and kudos on the inclusion of Def Leppard, Pastor Stuckwisch -- there never was another band that hit so hard, even if Rick Allen has only one arm. Love bites!

Christopher Esget said...

Geddy Lee has a high voice, to be sure. But if you've ever seen him playing the bass, you know he's all man. I'm going to post one of their latest songs on http://esgetology.com Check it out!

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Thanks for the link, rev will. Very interesting.

X said...

I feel like I just got trapped in a scene of "School of Rock 2 - Men in Black (cloth)". Pr. Esget is Jack Black. *shiver*

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Thank you for helping to get my day off to a good start, X.

X said...

Your daily vitamin G (giggle). Normally you get it on facebook. Don't be such a fanboy. Just kidding. I love it. hahahahha

Christopher Esget said...

I'm not sure if I should be flattered or offended. I guess I'd have to watch the movie to find out, which probably isn't going to happen. :)

X said...

Pr. Esget, I actually really like the movie School of Rock... and I like Jack Black, although I haven't seen all of his movies. Many of the themes don't appeal to me. But you playing his character in a churchy version of "School of Rock" would just be very very strange to say the least.

Do NOT be offended. :)
I still miss seeing you on facebook.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I agree with pretty much everything that JBX said.

Mike Keith said...

Rush added some Canadian content. this is good. However, for a Canadian to have such a list not include the Tragically Hip, in particular the earlier stuff, is inconceivable.

For my American friends, if you do not know the Hip....Youtube asap.