07 April 2009

Apart from the Sacrament

If the Word of Christ is approached apart from His Holy Supper, then it can only be regarded as information to be agreed upon, accepted and assented to. But if the Word of Christ is heard as leading to His Altar and culminating in His Body and Blood, then it is received as the speaking of the Word-made-Flesh, as the giving of His person and His work in the present-tense; then it is embraced, not only with the mind, but with the heart, soul and body; it is not simply agreed upon as true, but trusted and loved as the Truth Himself.


TruthQuestioner said...

But if the Eucharist is not regularly held, what does that say about the Word?

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I'm not entirely sure of your specific question, Truth Questioner.

But if the Word is not regularly leading to the Sacrament of the Altar, then it is likely not being received and embraced in the way that is intended by the Father who speaks to us by His incarnate Son.

The Word, of course, remains the Word of Christ. But it is not being preached and taught in its truth and purity if it is not accompanied by the faithful administration of the Sacrament.

Now, as to what a faithful "regular" administration of the Sacrament entails, I do not presume to dictate; although the historic practice of the Church and the expectation of our Lutheran Confessions would suggest at least a weekly Eucharist. But where the Sacrament is not celebrated every week, the Word can still be preached in such a way as to be always leading the people to the Altar of Christ. Just as the daily catechesis of the Word and prayer moves from and to the Altar.