16 January 2009

Favorite Scribblers

The First-Girls-Ever-To-Be-So-Clever have named me a "superior scribbler," which is very humbling, surely, but basically made my day. Thanks, y'all.

Among the rubrics for accepting the honor is the task of linking to the ur-scribble that started this playground chase. Dutifully done. You can read all of the rubrics on Pastor Weedon's blog, so I'll not repeat them verbatim here (good stewardship, don't you know).

Naming five other "superior scribblers" is difficult; in part, because there are many times that many blogs that I routinely enjoy reading; and, in part, because a number of my favorites have already been awarded this title; and, in part, because several of my favoritest scribblers of all are young friends with private blogs (they know who they are), so I can't link to them here. Oh, bother. The Concordia Sisters of Perpetual Parturition would be on the top of my list, but I'm guessing there are no tag-backs in this game. It would probably be tacky to tag the Four-and-Twenty+ Blackbirds, since I'm part of that flock of feathered friends, but each and all of those colleagues are "superior scribblers" in my book.

All of that having been caveated, here are five of my favorite "superior scribblers" who haven't already been tagged (so far as I know), even if they don't all blog as often as I wish they would:

Monkey Laughs

Karin's Chickens

The Adiaphoron

Incarnatus Est

Exercise in Humility

I'd also like to add Pastor Cwirla, Pastor Eckardt, and Pastor Petersen, but those guys are already pretty famous, and I was only allowed to list five.


Emily said...

Thank you so much! I was wondering why my moribund blog was still getting hits. I will try to deserve it.

Anan said...

Oh hey. I hadn't read this 'till now! :-)