18 November 2008

Update on the Gerhardt Hymn Project

Those interested in the hymns of Paul Gerhardt may want to check out "The Big Picture" on the Gerhardt Hymn Project Wetpaint Wiki Webpage. It's still very much a work-in-progress, but it is progressing, and I'm rather pleased with what has already been accomplished in barely over a year. Special thanks to Matthew Carver for his tireless contributions to this effort. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking of the labors he has exerted to provide us with first draft translations of close to four dozen Gerhardt hymns that were not previously available in English.

For a more thorough assessment of where things stand at this point, check out the "Gerhardt Grid" attachment at the bottom of "The Big Picture" page.

If you'd like to become a participant in the Gerhardt Hymn Project, contact me this way with your name and e-mail address, etc., and I'll get you "signed up."

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