21 May 2007

The Magnificent Seven

Susan has "tagged" me to identify the seven most significant things that I have learned in life. Here is a first attempt:

1. Everything you really need to know is in the Small Catechism.

2. The little children are right: the correct answer to every question is "Jesus."

3. The Lord has so arranged His Church on earth for the forgiveness of sins, which is what we need the most; where there is forgiveness, there is faith and life and every blessing.

4. Discerning what is the will of the Lord for my life is simply to consider my vocation as a child of God and my stations in life according to the Ten Commandments.

5. We ought to view our parents and our spouses as being adorned with the hidden majesty of God's Word.

6. God accomplishes His purposes, not in spite of the Cross, but by the way and the means of the Cross.

7. Our bodies matter to God. He created them. He took a body of His own, in order to redeem them. He puts His own body and blood into our bodies, in order to save them. He will raise them up and glorify them on the last day, unto the life everlasting.


Susan said...

#6 is the one I really hate....

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Yes, but it is also one of the reasons that Paul Gerhardt on his worst day is better than Twila Paris.

'Twas the Cross that taught his heart how to rejoice, so that mine can also learn to sing with him.